Welcome to NurdLegion

"Nurd" - similar use to family or fam. A term used to identify you, your friends, your family.  We all "nerd out" over something, get goosebumps and/or excitement over specific things.  Its this excitement that draws us together, and if you're reading this, there is a good chance that StackUp, Supporting Veterans and Gaming are among those things. 

The NurdLegion was coined by a member of Jester1147's Twitch Community (thank you Kaytrim) and is the driving force behind the community.  Its this band of Nurds that is the glue that keeps things moving forward despite hardship, trial and tribulation, the very things many of our Veterans suffer each day.  

During this time of pandemic, its easy for most to retract in and work on keeping theirs and their families heads above water, but from time to time, true selflessness stands out and steps up to support amazing causes such as this one.  

This is the first year of the NurdLegion, and if you have the drive, push that register button and join us! 



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