Stack Up has been an important cause for Offworld Industries for many years now. As a company that specializes in bringing different military fronts to life through video games, it is only right that we give back to our active duty and military veterans for their service.

Together we are able to achieve that goal through the Stack Up initiative, which provides opportunities for military personnel to get through deployments to combat zones and recover from traumatic physical and emotional injuries with the power of video gaming.

Join us Friday 22nd January within the game Squad, where we’ll be hosting several servers that are aimed at welcoming military personnel and veterans into our video game. The servers will be live from 11 am PST until 5 pm PST, but that isn’t just all the fun.

We’ll be showcasing several of our streaming and content creation partners throughout the week and during the event so you can cheer them on while we all work together to raise money for a wonderful cause.

If you are able to spare any amount, it would be greatly appreciated.

All donations, up to $15,000 will then be evenly matched by Offworld Industries as we say  ‘Thank you’ to all service personnel.

We hope you can join us on Friday and help lead your teams to victory as part of Call to Arms 2021.



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