Offworld Call to Arms

Call to Arms - 2019

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The team at Offworld Industries wants to thank you for joining us for this year’s Stack Up Call To Arms! 

Offworld Industries has been developing Squad since early 2014 as a startup studio funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Launched on Steam’s Early Access in December 2015, we’re the thinking person’s first-person shooter, working towards a balance between military simulator sandbox and arcade frag-fest game play. The OWI team uses their combined decades of modding experience to build the standalone FPS that WE want to play. 

Veterans are at the very heart of Squad. Not only have veterans been at the core of everything we do, from coding to ensuring the authenticity of our assets to powering every aspect of our community, but they've also done it while dedicating their lives to serving the rest of us. Every year, we're given the opportunity to work with Stack Up to give back just a little bit to those who have given so much! 

From the team at Offworld, a special thanks to everyone who has joined us to bring together this event.


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$18,725.00 Raised
7 Participants

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