Backed by the support of our Redshirt volunteers and industry partners, StackUp’s mission to help veterans has grown beyond our highest hopes. In three years, we’ve been able to provide help to 26,448  veterans.

For Veteran’s Day 2018, we challenged ourselves to do more. That’s why we are happy to announce our marathon livestream fundraiser Call to Arms LIVE! on November 9th at Broadcasting from the Hyper X studios in southern California, we will be raising money for vets with streamers Cahlaflour, Lady Aderissa, DeeJayKnight, Gunz, Samzorz, Kara Corvus, DammitRooster, IceRocker, Gryphon_AM, ItsPlanB, and other members of the veteran community. 

Funds raised during Call to Arms LIVE! and during the month of November will support our Hundred Heroes Campaign which supplies games and consoles to deployed vets and our STOP program, a mental health and suicide hotline for veterans in need. 

We at StackUp are excited to take this bold step to support veterans and hope you will support us: by watching the stream (, making noise on social media, (#CalltoArmsLIVE) and donating to your favorite streamers (

We can’t do this work without you, and we are humbled by your support. From the veterans, and the StackUp Redshirt volunteers: thank you! 

Steve ‘Shanghai Six’ Machuga
CEO, StackUp
US Army Captain (98-06)

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$25,270.77 Raised
13 Participants

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