In 2021, with barely 300 followers, we did our first Stack Up charity event for the entire month of November. I had a goal of $1,000, hoping that perhaps we might make it. You guys came out and SMASHED that goal, raising $3,119.69 that month.

I was floored.

In 2022, we again streamed for Stack Up during the entire month of November. This time, I wanted to push us to $3,000. The economy hit everyone hard last year, but I was hoping we'd be able to make that benchmark, maybe even hit what we raised in 2021. Once again, you guys saw my goal and said, "HOLD MY BEER." We raised $6,999.69 and were on the Top 15 Individual Fundraisers for last year.

I cannot express how blown away I am by this community and its passion for charity, and how touched I am that you guys came together to support this amazing cause that is so near and dear to my heart. Coming from military parents, being the wife of an Army vet, and having numerous friends and family in various branches of the military, I've seen how easy it is for them to get lost and forgotten once they come home. Having lost people to mental health, and struggled with depression myself, everything about what Stack Up does hits home for me.

Now, entering my second season as part of the Influencer Relations Team, I want to push more. I want to hit $10,000 this year. We're going to do multiple smaller pushes through the year, with a longer push in November. Our first push is March 19-25, and I'm hoping we can hit $1,000 and sponsor our first Supply Crate this year.

If you can give, I appreciate you. If not, share the stream. Spread the word. Ask questions, engage with the posts, and get our campaign out there. Every little bit helps, and every eye on us means exposure to more people we can potentially help.

Want to do your own Stack Up charity stream? My Twitter DMs are open, and my Stack Up email is in my bio. I'd be more than happy to talk with you. NO STREAMER IS TOO SMALL.

Thank you, I love you, and I can't wait to see what we can do together this year.