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Call to Arms - 2021

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Hi, I'm Llama (or Dan). I'm a grandchild, brother, and friend to currently serving and veteran members of the armed forces. 

I have always used gaming as a way to connect with friends, especially when proximity prevented us from enjoying in person activities. There are many initiatives out there to prove that #GamingDoesGood, and I firmly believe in the community building power of gaming. Very real friendships have started out through online gaming, and that's a blessing worth paying forward.

StackUp's focus on the positives within gaming, as well as the power of building meaningful community through mental health awareness and support, makes them an invaluable organization. Being able to give back in any way to those who have served will always be meaningful, but StackUp provides a way to share gaming & the gaming community. 

Every donation, no matter the size, will contribute to the great assistance that StackUp provides on a daily basis. From addressing and assisting with mental health through the Overwatch program, to sending crates filled with fantastic consoles and games, StackUp brings the best of the gaming world to military personnel. Mental health awareness & games...that's one of the best crossover episodes, if you ask me.