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Team Captain NurdLegion Call to Arms - 2021

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Gaming. Supporting Veterans.  Helping Others. 

This is just a small piece of why I do what I do.  As a Veteran of the Air Force, and a full time Twitch partner, Its an absolute honor to be able to represent the Veteran Community on Twitch, and continuing to support such an organization as Stack Up (for the 4th CONSECUTIVE year) is an absolute privilege. 

Each year, the level of support grows, which means my level of motivation skyrockets.  In 2020, despite the hardship of the pandemic, my 'Nurds' stepped up and swung for the fences amassing a total contribution of $7,509.66 (mind you, this was 10 TIMES the year prior, but we easily put in 10 times the work).

2021 Goals:
$2,000: Starting things off (Completed)
$3,601: We must top 2020's Spring Call To Arms! (Completed)
$5,000: A truly remarkable HALFWAY point (yes... I SAID IT!) (Completed)
$7,510: Breaking the 2020 Ceiling (Completed)
$20,000: 1 each Air Assault Sponsorship! <-- the ULTIMATE way to give back !!! (Completed)
$40,000: Dare i say a second? Is this possible? 

In 2021, I want to take it a step further.  I want to make it on that top 10! Last year, we missed it by (I think) 3 spots, but we aim HIGHER!  

Do you have what it takes?  Are you willing to step up and set aside some time to support this cause?