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Team Captain New World Interactive Call to Arms - 2019

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Indie studio New World Interactive (creators of Insurgency) are raising funds to support military veterans, their families, and victims of war via

Please consider donating to our team page and joining in our charity livestream. 

Meet our streamers for this event:

DocJ - 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM MST -
Hey everyone! I'm Doc J - A former Navy Corpsman (8404) for 8 years. I now bartend and stream fulltime. I’m all about positivity and high energy, turning memes into dreams. While I was in, I had the privilege of serving alongside some amazing men and women. As a Corpsman, I was there to support my fellow Sailors and Marines not only through physical injuries/ trauma but mental hardships as well. My goal is to continue to play that supportive role in any way that I can in this new endeavor. Streaming is a new found passion of mine (this month marks my 1-year anniversary) and I take great pride in the community that we continue to foster. From active duty, veterans and civilians, we all share the same passion for video games and laughter. After learning about Stack Up, their mission statement, goals and what they have been able to accomplish, I feel honored to be a part of this amazing charity event. It’s organizations like Stack Up that help keep our veterans from slipping through the cracks and it’s the awesome people like you that can directly make a difference. They fought for us, it's time we fight for them. Let's crush our goals and show our support with awesome games, good laughs and great people! 

PUNJISTICK - 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM MST -
I'm Derek "PUNJISTICK". Former Marine, serving from 2007-2012. I was stationed in Hawaii, and during my time with The Corps, the government was kind enough to send me on three all-expenses-paid vacations to a variety of tourist hot spots, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2012, I finally reached glorious freedom, now I'm a full-time nerd, doing my best to entertain and uphold this lovely community we've created together. I love gaming, I have all my life--and having the ability to share that with all of you has made it something truly awesome. I've worked with StackUp in the past, they're a great team with a solid mission. Let's see what we can do!

KaosTheoryTV - 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM MST -
My name is James - I'm a retired U.S. Army Combat Vet with a tour to Afghanistan in 2010.  I am medically retired after 6 years of Active Duty service under 101st Airborne and 75th Fires Brigade (1st Infantry Division) I stream from a repurposed 30ft RV parked in my backyard - into a Streaming Studio / Gaming RV that hosts 2 XBOX Ones (one is for my little 6 year old whom I stream with!) I've been streaming for just under a year heavily and off and on previously for 2 years (3 years total) The reason why this charity and this mission is something that means a lot to me is seeing the lack of funding available for veterans after they transition from active service.  There are plenty of programs directly broadly at Veterans but this one focuses on 2 of my greatest passions: Gaming and helping other vets find programs and companies for support Post-Service.  As a Vet, I have been directly affected by programs similar to Stack Up, and their mission and mine align. Supporting our Veterans both in the US and worldwide is pivotal. These men and women would give their lives in defense of their countries.  They deserve the absolute best from us! 


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